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Update Alert: More books added on: 2/16/24
Recently I was presented with a portion of an estate and tasked with finding a new home for nearly a thousand books. Not normally being a reseller of books myself, I was a bit overwhelmed by the quantity; as you may imagine. This site is a work in progress but it is open to anyone interested in browsing the ever increasing contents.

While they are all for sale, you won't find any pricing. It will be some time before that happens; if at all. Over 700 different books are included so far. Over time, the group pictures will be separated to see all covers. My main objective is to get them all here before breaking them into smaller groups.

Being an artist of many talents and interests, the original owner of these books amassed a substantial library of varied subjects.

If you're interested in either owning some of these books or are a book reseller yourself, check out the FAQ page for how it works. Otherwise, to browse, just click the 'Browse Books Here' link above.

About the Books:
These range all over. Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, Instructional, Comic, 'Making of' Movies, 'Art of' Movies, the Human Figure, Nature, Animals, Art books of all styles and much more. Most hardbound books are in Excellent to Very Good condition. Some are in brand new condition. If you see a book that you think should have a dust jacket; ask. A couple were located after the pictures were taken.

A large portion are Science-Fiction, along with some Horror. However, there is a mix of other genres; so check them all. Book condition will range from Perfect store bought condition to Well-Used. A couple are even autographed.

I'll be adding more. So be sure to check back occasionally. Email me your questions. Happy hunting!

Books Main Page